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Q & A with Best Use of Data Science in a Start-Up Winner – RecommenderX – Mark O’Donovan

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The Best Use of Data Science in a Start-Up, powered by First Data, was won by RecommenderX. Ireland’s Data Science start up scene is thriving. This Award recognises the efforts of those pioneers who have taken the big step of founding a new business to bring data science products and services to market. Entries to this award came from a wide variety of different sectors, including healthcare, fitness, environment and waste reduction, messaging, customer relationship management and customer support. The judges were particularly impressed with the level of ingenuity shown by these start ups, who are using Data Science to solve previously intractable business problems in so many different fields. Here is some insight from Mark O'Donovan, Chairman of RecommenderX on presentation day. How does it feel to be a DatSci [...]

Q & A with the Data Scientist of the Year – Ana Peleteiro Ramallo, Zalando

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The Data Scientist of the Year, is a sought after title! We had a  huge number of applications for this Award, with 5 individuals making it through to the finals.  The Data Scientist of the Year Award was powered by our Title Sponsor Deloitte Ireland. Simon Murphy, Head of Technology and the Analytics & Information Management practice in Deloitte Ireland, presented this year's Award and commented: "Deloitte are proud to sponsor this years data science awards and in particular the Data Scientist of the year award. We believe in the importance of data science as a career and data scientists for the significant contributions and impact that they make. The quality of the entries this year was very high and I'd like to congratulate Ana Peleteiro Ramallo on winning this [...]

Q & A with Best Use of Data Science in an Academic Research Body Winner – Paul Nolan from ICHEC (The Irish Centre for High End Computing)

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This was ICHEC 2nd year entering the Awards, and this year they claimed the title of Academic Research Body of the Year, sponsored by Corvil. Academic Research is the starting point for many of the tools, techniques and algorithms that data scientists use on a daily basis. This award recognises the work performed by academic researchers to further the knowledge of the Data Science sector. This judges were particularly impressed with the number of applied-data science entries this year, where researchers are exploring new ways to apply data science techniques to new problems. The finalists really embody this spirit with Systems Biology Ireland applying Data Science to predict and improve the response rate of breast cancer patients to common treatment options, and the Irish Centre for High End Computing applying [...]

Q & A with Best Use of Data Science in a Public Sector Body Winner – Garda Síochána Analysis Service – Robert Stapleton

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Garda Síochána Analysis Service  ( GSAS) claimed the Award for Best use of Data Science in a Public Sector Body, powered by Next Generation, Data Science is crucial in the public sector as it is where it can have the biggest impact on our day-to-day lives. This is a new award in 2017, that puts a special emphasis on acknowledging those who are modernising and improving the quality of the services offered by organisations who are motivated only to improve our quality of life and not by profit. The judges especially recognise the agility shown by the entrants to this award, as data scientists in the public sector often have to work with large legacy systems and within stringent regulatory requirements. The team from GSAS presented on August 17th to [...]

Q & A with SME of the Year Winner – Fiona Slevin from Orreco

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On the 21.09.2017, Orreco were announced of as the Winner of the Award for the Best Use of Data Science in an SME powered by Enterprise Ireland. SMEs form the backbone of business in Ireland. Over the years, we have witnessed many truly amazing companies grow and develop across all industries, competing successfully on the international stage winning business around the world. Through this award, we are helping showcase the emergence of a new cohort of SMEs who are leveraging Data Science principles and techniques to create leading edge products and services, and are developing new business models to compete in the global marketplace. The successful finalists covered a range of business disciplines; Fashion, Sport, and Medical, all of which demonstrated a high standard and expert knowledge in their fields. [...]

Q & A with Data Science in A Large Company Winner – Martin Perry from Microsoft

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On the 21.09.2017, Microsoft Ireland were announced of as the Winner of the Award for the Best Use of Data Science in a Large Company powered by FTI Consulting. Large companies can have a huge impact through the application of Data Science within their business and in their products and services. The sheer scale of these companies, their customer bases and the data that the house also bring many challenges that must be overcome when applying Data Science. This award received 17 entries from companies in a wide variety of different sectors, including banking, insurance, media and publishing, medical devices, telecommunications, energy, and IT. The wide variety of different sectors where data science is being employed really emphasizes the importance of data and data science in Irish industry. The quality [...]

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