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Paul Hayes – Compère at the DatSci Awards

By |2017-08-31T09:19:40+00:00Aug 31st, 2017|

I’m delighted to be compering the DatSci Awards for the second year in a row. Data Science is one of the fastest growing sectors at the moment with excellent job opportunities and some stellar homegrown talent. The ultimate goal of data science is improving decision making, as this generally is of paramount interest to business. This years awards recognise the diversity of data scientists contributing to many different fields within the private and public sector. A recent article outlined that our most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. This was an inevitable outcome as we progress deeper into the information age. The proliferation of smartphones and the internet have made data abundant, ubiquitous and far more valuable. Data Scientists are analyzing swathes of data every day and using [...]

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