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How Data Will Improve Your Company’s Marketing Campaigns

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DatSci heatmap generated by Crazyegg Are you using innovative data insights for your company’s data? If you are not using data to inform your marketing decisions and campaigns then according to McKinsey you could be at least 5 to 10% worse off than those companies that use big data insights to plan their marketing strategies.   Are you using heatmaps to understand how people interact with your websites? There are powerful and extremely useful tools to track and monitor how people are (and are not) using your website. These tools are widely available and offer you the ability to make decisions based on data-driven insights rather than just hunches. By learning how people are actually using your website will help to identify where users are experiencing problems or not [...]

DatSci Awards are Excited to Announce the Finalists

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The inaugural Irish DatSci Awards are excited to announce the finalists for the 6 categories ahead of this year’s awards. With a little over 2 weeks to go until the DatSci Awards, preparations are well underway ahead of unveiling the winners of the 6 categories. After extensive presentations at the Aviva Stadium last month, anticipation is high for the unveiling of the winners at the DatSci Awards ceremony on the 22nd of September in the Aviva Stadium. We are delighted to announce the finalists are; Data Scientist of the Year (Sponsored by Optum, part of the UnitedHealth Group, Title Sponsor) Dave Sheehan - AIB Aoife D’Arcy – The Analytics Store Maciej Dabroswki – Altocloud Vincent Lonij– IBM Judged By – Edward McDonnell - Centre Director, CeADAR - Centre for Applied Data Analytics [...]

The Countdown is on to the DatSci Awards 2016

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With just over 2 weeks to go until the DatSci Awards, judge’s deliberations are well under way. Last Monday the judges got even closer to choosing their winners for the 6 categories  as the finalists for Best Academic Research, Indigenous Irish, Multi National, Start Up, Student and Data Scientist of the Year presented their submissions in hopes of moving closer to the winning title. Presentations took place in the Aviva Stadium, the chosen venue for the DatSci Awards on the 22nd of September. The day was a buzz with excitement, and graced with some of the top data science innovators in Ireland. It was also an incredible opportunity to share excitement about the upcoming DatSci Awards, and see all of the finalists ahead of the inaugural event.   DatSci Awards in Association with CeADAR [...]

Using data to bring insights into our food & health

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You are what you eat. We’re at an interesting time in our awareness of what is in our food and the effects it can have on us. At times it may feel like what some people are doing in terms of data and food is a little extreme. However we are what we eat, and it does make sense that what goes in will affect our behaviour, mood and performance. In five to ten years time some things that seem extreme now will probably be seen as commonplace, logical and accepted behaviour. As humans we have a tendency to forget very quickly that we used to do things differently to how we do them now. Smoking and drinking during pregnancy is a good example of how data has informed and [...]

The value of data for sport and healthy activities

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We are seeing lots of great data driven insights and innovations in the area of sporting endeavors. Euro 2016 is over, Wimbledon has been won, the Tour de France has just ended, and the Olympics will be upon us this week. It’s been another great summer for sport, and the ability to capture more data to optimise athletic performance is making a massive impact globally. Data driven insights are transforming sport and sporting performance in almost every field of activity. From overseas companies such as EXOS to locally based ones there are massive improvements in the sporting performance possible from athletes. EXOS generated data insights from the 2014 World Cup were able to evaluate that Germany ran almost eight kilometres more than their French opponents, their performance levels and even [...]

The positive impact of data on our health & quality of life

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With the upcoming deadline for the 2016 DatSci Awards extended to July 17th you still have a few days left to apply. The exciting thing is that we are seeing benefits in so many areas of our lives. This article looks at some of the positive developments and innovations in the health sector. The more data we have, the more we are able to better learn and understand about so many aspects of our lives, especially in relation to our own health, fitness and well-being. The Life Project for example by Helen Pearson illustrates the impact of gathering over 70 years of data (and counting) from one major birth cohort in the UK. This study gathered the data from a group of people all born within one week in 1946, and has [...]

How Data Science is affecting all of our lives for the better

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All over the world we are seeing a massive increase in the amount of data we can record and then analyse for the greater good of humanity. The data visualisations above were created using D3.js by Mike Bostock, a great example of how data can both be useful and beautiful too. Closer to home in Ireland we are fortunate to have many innovative companies and individuals achieving fantastic data driven insights. These achievements will be celebrated in September at the inaugural DatSci Awards. Learn more about how to register for the event here. The value of data insights for agriculture and beyond Herdwatch are a great example of an Irish data driven innovation company developed to help farmers in their daily lives monitoring their herds. The Irish National Ploughing Championships [...]

Great response to inaugural DatSci Awards prompts application extension

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The organisers of the first Irish DatSci awards event have been positively surprised by the number of applications for the six 2016 awards. The overall goal of the awards is to raise awareness about the number of excellent data science initiatives taking place in Ireland, and to celebrate as many of the individuals and companies involved. To this end, and in response to the number of applications and inquiries for this new event, the deadline has been extended. A wide range of positive news coverage in many leading Irish tech news sites, including Irish Tech News and others generated a lot of interest and more applications. 6 categories to apply for Below are the details of the six categories open for the 2016 awards. There is a link in each [...]

June 30th deadline for DatSci Awards 2016 make sure you get your application in!

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The inaugural DatSci Awards 2016 in association with CeADAR and Next Generation, will be taking place in Thursday September, 22nd Aviva Stadium. We need your entries by June 30th! Enter here asap  “Data science has become one of the most desirable fields to work in across business, research and government. Skills in data science are at a premium and there are amazing career opportunities in the area. This is an opportunity to showcase your work in the area and to be celebrated amongst the best examples of data science in Ireland.” Cronan McNamara Founder & CEO @cremeglobal There are 6 categories and we’d love to see you entries in as many categories as you qualify for. Linda Davis, CEO of NextGeneration and member of the judging panel explains why data science [...]

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