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Training the Future Leaders in Data Science

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In a recent article in the Financial Times, Jennifer Thompson, outlines that the “wealth of nations and individuals is ever more likely to be influenced by computer algorithms…..underpinning those machines and algorithms are real people, namely the world’s sharpest mathematicians and data scientists. Though not hard to identify, virtually every industry — and especially Big Tech — is competing with the financial world for their skills.” Ireland is getting ready to train the next generation of researchers in the area of Data Science and ICT.  The Irish government through Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) is investing approximately €80M to establish a number of Centres for Research Training (CRTs) in Ireland. These CRTs will provide cohorts of academically outstanding future research leaders with the skills and knowledge required to address the future [...]

What is a Data Scientist? Julien Goretti | 2018 Judge

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We are already excited about DatSci Awards 2018! This year there will be 9 Award Categories which will be judged by some of the country’s finest Data Science Leaders! Julien Goretti , Global Executive Director of Intelligence - Risk & Reputation from Storyful is one of our 2018 Awards Judges. We recently caught up with Julien to see what his thoughts  on what is a data scientist? So here is what Julien had to say: We can find many answers online to a very simple question: What is a data scientist? One is given by Technopedia and says, “A data scientist performs data analysis on data stored in data warehouses or data centers to solve a variety of business problems, optimize performance and gather business intelligence.” It further goes on [...]

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