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Tapesh Santra (Systems Biology Ireland) – Fighting cancer with equations, algorithms, codes and computers

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  Tapesh Santra is Junior Group Leader and represents Systems Biology Ireland who made it to the DatSci Awards finals for the Best Use of Data Science in an Academic Research Body In his article, Tapesh describes the achievements of Systems Biology Ireland and where Data Science fits into the treatment against cancer. The curse of cancer Cancer is a major cause of death, around one in five of all deaths are now attributed to cancer. Available drugs for treating cancer are very expensive and often do not work.  A typical cancer drug costs between 30,000-20,0000 euros per patient per annum and has response rates between 10% -50%. Which means, not all drugs work on all patients. Many patients initially respond to treatment but develop resistance at a later stage. Currently [...]

Stephen Dilllon (Vodafone) – The Evolution of Customer Performance Through Big Data

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This year we had a HUGE number of entries from many different industries for the Best Use of Data Science in a Large Company Award powered by FTI Consulting. This Year’s Large Company finalists consist of Bank of Ireland, Depuy Synthes, Vodafone, Microsoft and Core Media, who’s teams were represented them in force at the presentation finals on August 17th in Croke Park. Stephen Dillon, RAN Optimisation Engineer at Vodafone, has written this interesting and insightful piece on how Big Data is used to improve customer performance. Here is what Stephen has to say: The evolution of customer performance through Big data: Telecommunications is an industry which marries well with machine learning and big data concepts. Data sets are large, with a medium sized mobile network (two to four million customers) generating between ten to one [...]

Paul Hayes – Compère at the DatSci Awards

By |2017-08-31T09:19:40+00:00Aug 31st, 2017|

I’m delighted to be compering the DatSci Awards for the second year in a row. Data Science is one of the fastest growing sectors at the moment with excellent job opportunities and some stellar homegrown talent. The ultimate goal of data science is improving decision making, as this generally is of paramount interest to business. This years awards recognise the diversity of data scientists contributing to many different fields within the private and public sector. A recent article outlined that our most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. This was an inevitable outcome as we progress deeper into the information age. The proliferation of smartphones and the internet have made data abundant, ubiquitous and far more valuable. Data Scientists are analyzing swathes of data every day and using [...]

Martin Perry (Microsoft) – Big Data Insights

By |2017-08-24T09:21:05+00:00Aug 23rd, 2017|

This year we had a HUGE number of entries from many different industries for the Best Use of Data Science in a Large Company Award powered by FTI Consulting. This Year's Large Company finalists consist of Bank of Ireland, Vodafone, Depuy Synthes, Microsoft and Core Media, who's teams were represented them in force at the presentation finals on August 17th in Croke Park. Martin Perry, Senior Data Professional at Microsoft, led his team on presentation day and has written this great piece on Big Data Insight to provide a better understanding as to what drives companies to use Big Data and where this data derives from. Sources of Big Data The business opportunity of Big Data is extracting value.  Data produced by business is expanding exponentially and is now a [...]

Hunter Kelly (Zalando) – Closing the Data-Quality Loop

By |2017-08-22T08:09:38+00:00Aug 21st, 2017|

Zalando is nominated for the award for best use of Data Science in a SME, sponsored by Enterprise Ireland. The competition is fierce and all the nominees gave excellent presentations. Now it's up to the judges to decide who will claim the coveted Data Science award and you can be there too! Get your ticket for this year's DatSci Awards and celebrate data science with us and the winners! On August 17th in Croke Park, Hunter Kelly, Senior Software/ Data Engineer and Martina Naughton, Data Scientist from Zalando Ireland presented their submission to our established panel of judges. Hunter has given us some insight into Zalando and how they close the Data Quality Loop, his blog was originally featured on the Zalando Technology Blog. Here's what Hunter had to say: To [...]

Shourjya Sanyal – Is Data Science Going to Replace Sports Coaches and Doctors?

By |2017-08-17T12:28:33+00:00Aug 16th, 2017|

Shourjya Sanyal, CEO of Think Biosolution is one of 5 Finalists in this year's  Award for Best Use of Data Science in a Start Up. We wish Think Biosolution and the rest of this Finalists the best of luck in the competition! Want to be a part of the greatest Data Science event in Ireland and meet the winners in person? Now is your chance by getting your ticket for the DatSci Awards.   Why should you read this? Traditionally medical care was primarily available to patients with acute conditions. However with the advent of modern medicine and easy availability of healthier diet and lifestyle choices, more people are choosing a healthier life. This means our society of the future needs to increase sports coaches and doctors who instead of [...]

Cian O’Mahony – What It Means Being a Chief Science Officer

By |2017-08-10T13:37:34+00:00Aug 4th, 2017|

Cian O’Mahony, Chief Science Officer at Creme Global is  one of our 5 Finalists for 2017 for the prestigious title of Data Scientist of the Year Award powered by Deloitte Ireland. Following is an interview with Cian which gives a valuable glimpse into Cian's project, his day to day working life and his data science journey so far! We wish Cian and the rest of the Data Scientist of the Year Finalists the best of Luck in their presentations next week in Croke Park! A little about Cian’s nominated project Cian and his team were tasked with applying data-science techniques industry wide to develop realistic estimates of consumer risk and exposure to fragrances. Since moving to computational approaches to fragrance safety developed Cian and his team, the Research Institute for [...]

Stefano Mauceri – Identifying People Via Wrist-Worn Accelerometer Data

By |2017-08-07T07:55:16+00:00Jul 31st, 2017|

(Image source) This article was written by  Stefano Mauceri who made it to this year's finals at the DatSci Awards as “Data Science Student Of The Year” finalist, 2017, which is proudly supported by Core Media. Stefano gave us some insight in to some recent research he conducted in researching whether a person could be identified by analysing data derived from wrist-worn accelerometers and the results look promising! We are excited to see Stefano and all the other contestants at the second DatSci Awards in Croke Park on the 21st of September and we would like you to be there as well to celebrate data science. Get your ticket here! Stefano Mauceri  is entering his second year as a PhD student at the UCD Natural Computing Research & Applications Group. His research [...]

Barry Smyth – Using AI to Run your Best Marathon

By |2017-08-10T13:31:41+00:00Jun 30th, 2017|

Barry Smyth is a researcher, teacher, entrepreneur and the DatSci Awards 2017 keynote speaker! On September 21st Barry will explore some examples of how our data — might help each of us to live happier, healthier, and more productive lives. He will take a look at some exciting research at the intersection between big data and machine learning. In the meantime, check out his recent blog which was originally featured on medium.com, it is based on a scientific paper “Running with Cases: A CBR Approach to Running Your Best Marathon” that Barry presented at the 25th International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR).  Where the paper was awarded for the 'Best Paper' published at ICCBR. The ICCBR conference series has been running for the last 25 years and every year attracts [...]

Max Cottica – Modern Data Challenges

By |2017-06-26T07:50:53+00:00Jun 22nd, 2017|

Max Cottica, is Head of Data Science and Solutions with AIB, and has joined the DatSci 2017 Judging Panel. This year Max will be judging the SME of the Year Award and the Student of the Year Award. We caught up with him to hear is thoughts on Modern Data: When I was young summers were long and predictable. It would get so hot at times that me and my rascal mates visited often a fountain in the middle of the village. I was trying to collect as much water with my hands as possible to get the most out of the refreshing liquid. But my hands were so small, water would spill out all over the place. When I think of modern data, that is the image that comes [...]

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