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Guest Blog – Peter Cogan, Optum and the Data Science Awards

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Optum and the DatSci Awards By Peter Cogan, Associate Director, Data Science, Optum I’m excited because I feel we are building something special here at Optum. We’re part of the UnitedHealth Group family of businesses and we're bringing together Data Scientists, Analysts and Engineers in our new hub at Spencer Dock, helping Optum to cement its position as the world's leading data-driven healthcare services company. I have spent the last 15 years working with advanced tooling and complex data sets in many academic and industrial areas, within a domain that is now known as Data Science. It has been incredibly exciting to observe machine learning techniques emerge from university labs, mature into widely-used open source tools, and merge with big data tooling such as Spark and H20. Data science [...]

Guest Post – Kieran Towey, Accenture – Ireland Occupies an Unique Position in the Data Science World.

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In the first instance,  we are the location for many major global multinationals from the internet giants to the pharma sector. Data is part of their DNA. This has driven a wealth of awareness of and opportunities in statistics and data science world. The keys to the kingdom lie in the hands of those that can make agile business decisions, built upon information derived from the deluge of available data. Secondly, our much lauded local talent is a curious mix of drive, creativity and clear thinking, sponsored by government policy, fostered by government agencies and is supported by our third level institutions. While data science is normally viewed as highly mathematical, practitioners know that it is also part art. The ability to creatively  use data and technology to solve [...]

Guest Post by Gerard Lande – Enterprise Ireland – A Growing Irish Ecosystem with Big Benefits from Big Data

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Data Analytics is a key disruptive technology that is expected to yield enormous competitive and financial gains to those who adopt and adapt quickest, writes Gerard Lande. Data analytics is not an actual sector, it is a discipline that can support better decision making in every walk of life from science to social policy. Commercially, it has the capability to transcend all functional areas of business and is becoming pervasive in many sectors such as financial services, telecoms, pharmaceuticals, food and manufacturing. Data analytics differs from conventional analysis in that it uses up-to-date software to scrutinise large or complex information sets that traditional data processing methods cannot effectively analyse. It also addresses weaknesses in conventional approaches by providing advanced solutions in data capture, curation, search, storage and visualisation. This disruptive [...]

The Power of Data – Dun & Bradstreet Guest Blog

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The Power of Data to Grow Valuable Relationships is a guest blog provided by Dun & Bradstreet - DatSci Awards Silver Sponsor.  For over 175 years, Dun & Bradstreet has been passionate about what the power of data to help grow companies. Today, we have over 250 million records in the world’s largest business database, powered by 30,000 data sources updated 5 million times per day. However, for modern business leaders looking to make inspired decisions, data alone is not enough.  Creating growth is dependent on how you use insights and information to deepen and recognize the opportunities hidden in your relationships with your customers, prospects, suppliers and partners. At Dun & Bradstreet, we illuminate the path to growth with unique, global analytics capabilities. By identifying the most valuable relationships [...]

Guest Post – Paul Hayes – DatSci Awards Compere

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With exactly a week to go until the DatSci Awards, we are excited to announce some of the surprises on the night. Here we have a wonderful guest blog from our compere, Paul Hayes of Beachhut PR.  I am very excited to be a part of the Data Science Awards. I think that we are just beginning to see the huge potential for the application of Data Science across a broad range of industries. Within many businesses, data remains an untapped resource with the potential to bring huge advantages to those who are first to bring Data Science into the mix. It is truly like untapped unrefined crude oil under everyone’s office. Just like the gold rush, money will be made more in the selling of shovels than on striking [...]

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