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Data Science Technology Innovation of the Year

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Entries for the Data Science technology innovation of the year must be self-nominated;

Entry Criteria

Entries for the Data Science technology innovation of the year must be self-nominated;

Entries should provide detail on Data Science solutions or products by the nominee that showcase why it is innovative for advancement of data science in industry.

For the avoidance of doubt, any innovative products/solutions must have been developed and used as part of a live Data Science implementation in industry.

Research projects will be excluded.

The nominee can be an individual or team of people working together on the solution.

Solutions/products must be reusable across multiple projects.

Solutions/products described by the nominee should have been conducted in prior 12 – 18 months.

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Category Judges

We are proud to present our Judging Panel. We have assembled some of the finest intellects in the community who will judge and score all entries to select this year’s deserving winners.

Edward McDonnell

Director | CeADAR Centre for Big Data Analytics

Max Cottica
Max Cottica

Chief Information Officer | Staycity Aparthotels

Michael Phelan Profile Picture
Michael Phelan

Business Technology Leader in Data Science | Johnson & Johnson

Alessandra Sala

Head of Analytics Research | Nokia Bell Labs

Deepanand Saha Roy
Deepanand Saha Roy

Head of Data Analytics | Pramerica


Nominees will be scored on a number of different criteria, receiving a score out of 100:

Business value

Demonstrate understanding of a technology challenge faced within Data Science and ability of the solution/product to address this challenge. [10 Points]

Application of Product or solution across multiple Data Science projects and ability to drive real business value. [20 Points]

Proven track record of the Data Science Product/solutions use in delivering live production projects (at least 2) [10 points]

Skills, Tools, & Techniques

Demonstration of the Data Sciences skills and techniques used to design and implement the Data Science Solution/Product. [20 Points]


Clearly demonstrating how this innovative solution/product will drive the use of Data Science within industry [30 Points]

What differentiates your solution/product from approaches that others may have taken? [10 Points]

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