Data Science Student of the Year

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Entry Criteria

Entries for the student of the year would preferably be self-nominated; however, supervisors may nominate their students.

Entries should provide detail on a data science research project conducted by the student that showcase why they should be the student of the year and should highlight the relevance and impact of their research work.

Research projects should have been conducted by the nominee in the prior 12 – 18 months.


Scoring (out of 100 points):

Nominees will be scored on a number of different criteria, receiving a score out of 100:

Research Problem

Describe the research project, demonstrating your understanding of the research problem and the work you performed to gain that understanding. [20 Points]


Describe the solution that you created for the research problem, showcasing the data science tools, techniques and skills that you applied for quantitative analysis and any machine learning tools, techniques, and skills that you applied to create models or deliver predictions and/or recommendations. [35 Points]


Describe the wider business or social impact of your solution to the research problem. Articulate why your research has been important and what can be done now that could not have been done before. [25 Points]

Visualization & Story-telling

Demonstrate how you used visualization and story-telling to communicate complex data sets in a visual and accessible way and/or to reveal hidden insights. [20 Points]

Note: Nominees may provide up to 2 examples of their visualizations to demonstrate this skill.


Aoife D'Arcy
Aoife D’Arcy

Managing Director | The Analytics Store

Kevin O'Brien
Kevin O'Brien

Resource Modeller | Coillte

Pietro Cipresso
Pietro Cipresso

Assistant Professor in Psychometrics | Catholic University of Milan

Andrew Stevenson
Andrew Stevenson

Independent Data Insight Advisor and Non-Executive Director