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Data Scientist of the Year

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Entry Criteria

This award recognizes an individual data scientist’s outstanding influence and impact on their organization and/or its business. The award is open to candidates who are based in Ireland and who have led/undertaken a data analytics project(s) in the preceding 12 – 18 months.

An entry should provide detail of a data science project(s) led/undertaken by the candidate that showcases why they consider themselves the data scientist of the year.

Candidates will be scored on the following set of criteria, receiving a score out of a maximum possible 100 points:

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Michael Phelan

Johnson & Johnson

Category Judges

We are proud to present our Judging Panel. We have assembled some of the finest intellects in the community who will judge and score all entries to select this year’s deserving winners.

Patrick Callinan Profile Picture
Patrick Callinan

Head of Big Data, Europe Hub | Vodafone

Wendy Belluomini
Wendy Belluomini

Director | IBM Research Ireland & Worldwide Cognitive IoT Solutions

Kevin Koidl
Kevin Koidl

CEO at | Research Fellow at ADAPT Centre

Martin Perry
Martin Perry

Senior Data Professional | Microsoft

Colm Carey
Colm Carey

Chief Analytics Officer | AA Ireland


Nominees will be scored on a number of different criteria, receiving a score out of 100:

Business Engagement

Demonstrate understanding of business problems and ability to deliver business value. [10 Points]

Describe how you work with other business stakeholders and overcome organizational barriers. [10 Points]

Skills, Tools, & Techniques

Demonstrate application of data manipulation skills, tools, and techniques to perform quantitative analysis. [10 Points]

Demonstrate application of machine learning skills, tools and techniques to create models and deliver predictions and recommendations. [10 Points]


Demonstrate usage of data visualization for the purposes of deriving business insights. [10 Points]

Demonstrate usage of advanced visualization techniques to demonstrate data or model complexities. [10 Points]

Note: candidates may provide up to 4 examples of their visualisations to demonstrate this skill.


Demonstrate the delivery of innovative business value through the application of data to existing or new business problems. [20 Points]


Provide examples of multi-dimensional communication within your organization, showcasing your story-telling and communication skills, and demonstrating the impact of these skills on the business. [20 Points]

The Finalists

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Cian Gallagher

Griffith College

Sebastien Rudder

NUI Galway

Mark O’Connell

NUI Maynooth

Kevin Brosnan

University of Limerick

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