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Best Application of AI of the Year

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This year a surprise Award was established to Award the Best Application of AI, in the months leading up to the competition the criteria was created. A ‘hidden’ judging panel was created to pick a shortlist of applicants across all of the finalists from the 9 categories. The winner was selected and announced at the Awards Ceremony on September 7th!

Entry Criteria

Entries for the AI award will be drawn from the shortlists of entries in all the categories, by a hidden judging panel.

Entries should provide detail on solutions or products that showcase AI innovation in industry

• For the avoidance of doubt, any innovative products/solutions must have been developed and used as part of a live AI implementation in industry.

Research projects will be excluded.

The entry can be from an individual or team of people working together on the solution.

Solutions/products should have been recently developed (e.g. past 12 – 18 months)


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WINNER FOR THE Best Application of AI of the Year


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Category Judges

We are proud to present our Judging Panel. We have assembled some of the finest intellects in the community who will judge and score all entries to select this year’s deserving winners.

Edward McDonnell

Director | CeADAR Centre for Big Data Analytics

DR. Mick Kerrigan

Principal Data Scientist - Independent News and Media

Freda Cunningham
Freda Cunningham

Director - Consulting - Deloitte Ireland

Oisin Lyons
Oisin Fergal Lyons

Acting head of Data Science and Incubation | Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics (ACIA)

Fergal Collins
Fergal Collins

Chief Executive Officer | Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics (ACIA)


Nominees will be scored on a number of different criteria, receiving a score out of 100:


Clear demonstration of how AI enabled this innovative solution/product [30 Points]

What differentiates your solution/product from approaches that others have taken? [10 Points]

Business value

Demonstrate understanding of the business challenge that was successfully addressed by the AI solution [10 Points]

Clearly show how this AI innovation in product or solution has been developed and deployed in industry [20 Points]

Clearly show how this AI innovation in product or solution is delivering real business value [10 Points]

Skills, Tools, & Techniques

Demonstration of the AI skills and techniques used to design and implement the Solution/Product. [20 Points]

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